Autism PDD

People with autism PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) also have positive personality traits. Building on the advantages of the traits displayed by autistic individuals can assist them in becoming happy, productive adults.

We often dwell on the challenges of teaching autistic children to adapt to ‘normal’ social standards without giving credit to the concept that perhaps we have things to learn from them. God placed these children in our care for a purpose, we just have to help them find the areas where they can excel. Without Albert Einstein, one of the most famous people with autism, it may have been several more years or decades before we had the theory of relativity.

Looking at autism and PDD from a different point of view, the common autism characteristics are:
• A high level of sensory awareness
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Life is based on order and logic
• Literal understanding
• High level ability to focus on one item of interest
• Unique personality traits
• Very trusting of others
• Unconcerned with the opinions of others

These personality traits can be a significant advantages in some career paths.

As a caregiver for one of these special individuals, you should try to become a champion for trying to get their needs met. Some classroom changes can make significant differences in improving their ability to learn. Most of these changes also improves the learning environment for children who learn in a typical manner as well.

There are many opportunities to admire the obstacles these children overcome to adapt to the world as it is. Watching my son learn to defuse the meltdown was as exciting for him as it was for those around him.

As an adult, you’ve spent years becoming appropriate, quiet, careful. Remember, though, that your autistic child isn’t worried about other peoples’ stares. He doesn’t care about peer pressure. It’s ok with him if you’re silly. So maybe—just maybe—it really is ok.

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